Literary Criticism






The Middle Ages and Reniassance

Sir Philip Sidney

John Dryden

Alexander Pope

Joseph Addison

The rise of the novel

Samuel Johnson

William Wordswordth

Mathew Arnold

Modern Criticism

Henry James

T.S Eliot

New Criticism

Newer than new: stylistic and structuralism

Welcome to the page of critics, you can get a lots of useful information from the greatest critics of the world in this page, we gathered a brief and important parts of two greatest books, one is AN INTRODUCTION OF LITERARY CRITICISM by Richard Dutton and the other A short history of Literary Criticism by Vernon Hall, but we use it the Farsi version of second book that translated with Mr.Hadi Aghajani, Mr.Mohammad Forozani and Mr.Farid Parvaneh. We use it briefly from the Farsi version of this book. We will so glad that you help us to add information to our site.