The Story of Moses and the Lost Sheep

They say1 that when Moses(Upon Him Be Peace)was still the shepherd of the Prophet Shuyab(Upon Him Be Piece)and had
not yet received divine inspiration2,he was one day feeding3 his sheep.By chance one ewe became separated from the others.Moses wanted to bring her back to the flock, but the ewe ran off into the desert; not being able to see the sheep,she ran about in terror and Moses chased her for a distance of two or three farsangs, until she had not strength left and fell down exhausted and could not get up. Moses came up to her and was moved with compassion. He said, "O hapless one, whither4are you fleeing? Whom do you fear?" Seeing that she could not walk anymore, he picked her up and put her on his shoulders and brought her back to the flock. When the ewe saw the flock her heart was glad and began to throb; Moses put her down and she joined the flock. God(Be He Exalted) called to the angels, saying, "Saw ye with what tenderness My servant treated that dumb ewe? Because he took trouble and harmed not the ewe, but rather had mercy on her, [I declare] by My glory that I will raise him up and make him My interlocutor; I will grant him prophethood and send him a book, and as long as the world exists, his name will be spoken." God bestowed all these tokens upon him.

1It is said that
4To where

Tr. by: ((Hubert Darke))