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  1. Introduction
  2. Plot Summary
  3. Characterization


In this page you can see a brief essay about The Pearl, a Novel that wrote with John Steinbeck, I try to give a summary about plot, character and elements of character, I hope you can get a useful information. If you have any suggestion or want to add to this essay you can send your comments to me

Plot Summary

The story consists of six chapters:

Chapter One

Chapter one provides the setting and circumstances of Kino's life and introduces the two opposing values: False values represented by the doctor. True values symbolized the setting is peaceful and it is dawn.

Chapter Two

Chapter two introduces Kino's daily occupation of fishing moving from the comparatively quiet description of the beach. He finds a pearl and calls it "The Pearl Of The World".

Chapther Three

Chapter three focuses on the slow spread of the poison engendered by the pearl - a foreign element introduce in to the organization of the town and effecting cells or inhabitance in various ways. There are several dramatic peaks: Kino's of the future, doctor's visit and "cure" and the night attack, the act ends on a note of hope.

Chapter Four

Chapter four rises from a low tension opening two several climaxes:The beginning; Kino's dramatic rejection of the offer; Kino's desicion to go to the capital and the second attack. The act ends on a plateau - a restless, foreboding night of sleep.

Chapter Five

Chapter five begins climaticly with Juana's stealthly attempt to get rid of the pearl and the third act and murder. The fire at home, the appeal to JuanaThomas for shelter, the night of the waiting and the beginning of the futile journey.

Chapter Six

Chapter six provides the climax of the book. The tense and short struggle and the baby's murder follow.



His Way of Life: young, strong, black hair, thin moustache, bright eyes, brown skin(P.3)
Skills Of Kino(His Way Of Life): fisherman and pearl diver. He wakes at dawn, he rides caneo, he knows hunting. His way of life is hard and simple.
His Strong Emotional Nature: Kills scorpion(P.5);Smashes his feast on doctor's gate(P.12);Howls upon discovery that Coyotito is well after he finds the pearl(P.20). Feels rage and hatered for the doctor(P.29); Strides Juana(P.55); Feels depressed(PP.52-72).
Spiritual Wealth: love for family, love of nature.
His Great Courage: attacks the intruder(P.36); Goes outside to find the enemy at night(P.53); Ones to lead the trackers away from his family(P.74). Attacks and trackers alone(PP.80-82)

His Characteristics:

1-His a simple man
2-Leaving close to nature
3-His home is made of brush
4-His a loyal person
5-He has a strong relationship with his brush
7-He is honest
8-He is primitive
9-He leaves in harmony with natural world

Social Scene and Dignity: Kino's social sense is illustrated by the manner of his dressing to visit the pearl traiders(Chapter 3). He is consicous of a social interpretation that will be placed on the angle of his hat.
The Pearl Buyers: The pearl buyers are not named in the story. Although greedy for power individually, each is but a nameless extension of an octopus, faceless organizm preying on the Indians. The pearl buyers play a falsegame: they know the prise of a pearl, but trying ti brake its price down as far as possible. The buyers in action add two hour impresion their outerly heartless and practised technique is a piece of play-acting and trickery that clearly exposes there evil nature.


The priest, like the doctor, also abuses his social position. He misrepresents the attitude of his church towards the Indian community, using his spiritual authority to keep them in their places by giving an annual sermon which preaches the sinful consquences of social change. The motivation for the priest's actions is not developed it is only suggested that he, too, is avaricious1, although he seems to want the money for reparing church property(P.21).


Physical Description: He is fat and lazy doctor. He has big hands and fat finger.
His Characteristic:The doctor is a heartless, self-seeking and pleasure-loving villian without redeeming trait in his make-up. The doctor's physical appearence of the outward symbol of his corrupt inner state, as are his luxurious surrondings and his habits. His voice was hoarse with the fat that press on his throat. He breakfasts in splendor: his red silk dressing gown, the silver tray and chocolate pot; His second cup of chocolate with sweet biscuits-all attest to his self-indulgence.
Doctor's Religion:The photographs in his room point to an outward show of religion, as do the many masses he offeres for his wife's soul. His true religion love of money - is displayed when he refuses help to Coyotito because Kino can't pay the doctor's fee. Avaricious1,greed, dishonest, lazy, corrupt, ignorant, untrustworthy, cruel are some of the epithets used to describe the doctor.


Juana's name means "Woman". She is woman as wife, mother, preserver. She is true daughter of her people. She is loyal, patient, hard-working. As a wife, she is perfect help mate, for she will follow and support Kino in all his undertakings. Although she pleads with him to destroy the pearl, she will not abondon him in time of danger when they are in the desert(P.74). She loves her family. She is brave as a lioness.

When her child Coyotito is stung by the scorpion, she immediately attempts to suck out the poison from his wound. Through out the novella, her actions show a profound and constant awareness of her son. Coyotito is always by her side, even while she is busy at some task. When she leaves Kino momentarily, it indicates the terrible urgency of what she must do, such as the time when Kino is attack she goes to help him(P.53). Her hair has a symbolic meaning. She forces her husband to visit doctor. She gives the pearl back(a symbolic recognition of her manhood). Normally Juana shares every hardship Kino's life contributing as much as any man in strength and physical endurance. When Coyotito is killed Juana become's equal to Kino in her suffering so that she walks by his side isolated behind him.


1 Greedy